1. chinitaxvx said: shouldn’t have even gotten it done with a gun anyways.
  2. riseabovedemise said: Oh wow. I got my nose pierced and used a purified salt water spray to clean the piercing and it healed just fine. Just make sure you change it out a month or two later or when you know it’s fully healed or it will give you problems!
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    lol this is why you don’t go to the mall for piercings.
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    Salt Water has always caused the skin around my piercings to dry and get irritated. It’s actually caused infections to...
  5. cantankerousness said: My piercer, very well known with years of experience, tells me to use warm water and the occasional clean with salt water as it is very drying. But said if it seems irritated to up the use of salt water.
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    Well the people that work in chain businesses like this are pretty much appealing to the lowest common denominator and...
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AWFUL MODS: Just a heads up…


I went to a popular chain in Canada(and maybe the USA?) called Merle Norman to get my nose pierced earlier in the week. The place itself is fine, they do hair nails and piercings, in separate rooms. I got the piercing done and everything went fine, but then when talking about aftercare, the…


they also pierce with a gun as opposed to a needle and they’re not trained

they’re on par with claires 

which is *probably* worse than suggesting and alcohol based cleanser

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